April 12th, 2019

Blind Luck with Lana Mars & Alexis Tae

Blind Luck with Lana Mars and Alexis Tae

Some guys have all the luck! You’ve reluctantly agreed to a blind date but before the day is through, this day will go down in history as a truly epic threesome experience! With the release of Blind Luck, two new XXX stars join the WankzVR lineup. Take a moment to welcome Lana Mars and Alexis Tae in traditional Wankz fashion…

Alexis Tae - Blind Luck
Alexis Tae | Blind Luck

Blind Luck

In Blind Luck, you arrive to meet your blind date but when Alexis Tae answers the door, something just doesn’t add up…

More Alexis - Blind Luck
More Alexis | Blind Luck

This cutie is happy to see you but she quickly drops the innocent act when she sees an opportunity for taking some serious dick.

Alexis Tae in VR
Alexis Tae in VR | WankzVR

Alexis wants to get right to the good stuff and she drops to her knees to wrap her warm lips around your cock.

Alexis at Work - Blind Luck
Alexis at Work | Blind Luck

This slim ebony beauty has some breathtaking dick-sucking skills and you want even more…

Alexis Tae - VR Sex
Alexis Tae VR Sex | Blind Luck

As you Pound away on her tight pussy, you realize the two of you are not alone and Lana Mars suddenly appears. It was Lana that was your blind date all along or was she?

Lana Mars - Blind Luck
Lana Mars | Blind Luck

You decide to let this mystery slide so you can take advantage of this sexy misunderstanding… That’s right, this is a Lana Mars and Alexis Tae threesome!

Lana Mars in VR - WankzVR
Lana Mars in VR | WankzVR

Before you know it, you’re stacking this ass and taking turns dipping your cock into this pair of seductive sweethearts. Talk about a luck turn of events!

Stacked Asses in VR
Stacked Asses | Blind Luck

Have they done this kinda thing before? Does this count as two dates? Answer these questions and more by being part of this unforgettable VR threesome experience!

Lana Mars and Alexis Tae VR Sex
Lana Mars and Alexis Tae | Blind Luck

WankzVR productions are compatible with Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Gear VR. Daydream, Cardboard and Windows Mixed Reality.

Lana Mars and Alexis Tae VR Sex at WankzVR
Lana Mars and Alexis Tae VR Sex | WankzVR

Find your ultimate XXX scenario and be part of it using the wonders of virtual reality… Two new scenes are released each and every week at WankzVR.

Lana Mars and Alexis Tae VR Threesome
The Perfect Date! | Blind Luck

Lady Luck brought a friend… And she’s hot!