February 22nd, 2019

Two Wrongs Make a Right with Daphne Dare

Two Wrongs Make a Right - WankzVR

Today you learn that karma can be absolutely delightful! Daphne Dare arrives at WankzVR and the world celebrates! Daphne is the newest fresh face in VR and this brunette cutie has a bunch of surprises lined up.

Two Wrongs Make a Right - WankzVR
Super-Cutie Daphne | Two Wrongs Make a Right

Two Wrongs Make a Right

In Two Wrongs Make a Right, you become the ultimate revenge cock. Super-cute Daphne Dare just got cheated on and she is pissed! The question is what is a girl to do?

More Daphne - WankzVR
More Daphne | Two Wrongs Make a Right

Since you’re such a helpful person, you generously lend her your dick to get a little payback.

Daphne Dare VR
Daphne Dare VR | WankzVR

She admits this is a totally crazy idea but desperate times call for desperate measures and she deserves some quality attention…

Daphne's Booty - WankzVR
Daphne’s Booty | Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

After showing some of her nerves, Daphne lets her hair down and starts showing you the goods.

Sexy Daphne in VR
Sexy Daphne in VR | WankzVR

Her perky little tits and sweet ass are too good to pass up on…

Daphne Dare - WankzVR
Daphne Dare looks too damn good!

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Daphne Dare at Work  - WankzVR
Daphne Dare at Work | Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

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Daphne Dare VR Fucking
Daphne VR Fucking | WankzVR

Don’t watch porn, live it.