• WankzVR Explained

    WankzVR uses 3D immersive multimedia technology to create a virtual environment that you can be a part of. In order to create the most realistic experience possible, we employ several techniques which help to shape your virtual world into one that you can truly lose yourself in and become a part of the action.

    First, we capture video in Stereoscopic 3D using the best available technology. This means that we shoot each video with two separate camera rigs that are set up to mimic the difference between what each of your eyes would see if you were actually there. When you playback a WankzVR scene, we deliver one of these videos to your right eye and the other to your left. The result is that instead of seeing a flat image like you would on a computer screen, what you see in the video has depth, just like in real life.

    Next, we shoot the video with a field of view that is much wider than a traditional video and in fact is wider that what can be displayed on a full screen at any one time. This means that when you are viewing the center of the video, there is more going on around you that you can’t actually see. Using the motion tracking technology built into today’s smart phones and VR headsets allows you to actually look around and see what is going on in the peripheral simply by looking left or right, up or down.

    In order to truly provide an immersive experience, we at WankzVR recognize that we must also realistically reproduce audio so that you hear exactly as you would if you were on set when we were recording the scene. We achieve this by using high end binaural recording devices that shape sound exactly as your ears do to create a complete 360 degree audio experience which is as realistic as audio playback can get.

    The end result truly provides you with an experience like no other; one in which you can lose yourself in the scene and truly enjoy the best experience that adult entertainment can provide!

  • How can I watch a WankzVR Video?

    If you are just testing the waters with respect to virtual reality, you can playback the video from a WankzVR scene on any mobile device with built in motion tracking or on your computer using a video player that supports 180 degree video. This will allow you to pan left or right, up or down and see how VR provides freedom with respect to where you are looking.

    However, if you wish to experience virtual reality in an immersive, 3 dimensional environment, then you are going to need a VR headset. Don’t get scared off yet, provided you have a smart phone, VR headsets start at about $5!

  • How do I get the most out of WankzVR?

    To truly get the most out of WankzVR, you should combine a quality VR headset with a good pair of earphones which will allow us to deliver an ever more immersive experience, one that will have you thinking you are actually in the scene.

    Always make sure that your equipment is well taken care of. Regardless of what VR headset you are using, take measures to make sure your set stays in optimal working condition. Use a lens cleaning cloth to make sure there is no dust or fingerprints on the lenses of your goggles and keep them stored somewhere safe where they won’t accumulate dust.

    If your headset relies on your smartphone as a screen, take measures to ensure that your screen does not get scratched up. Take the time to properly clean your smartphone screen before inserting it into your headset, and close any unnecessary apps that might be running in the background. Never clean the lenses of your goggles with your shirt or with a tissue. Your shirt, or any other clothing for that matter could have dust or dirt on it which can scratch the lenses and affect the quality of your experience. Tissues will leave more on the screen than they remove.

    Lastly, and this might sound silly, but it is important none the less, make sure you put your headphones on correctly, we can only deliver audio to the right spot if you put the correct headphone in, or on, each ear.

  • What headset should I get?

    At WankzVR, we specifically encode our videos for optimal use on the most popular and widely available VR headsets on the market. Although there are currently only a few reliable options, we are at a time when VR technology is advancing fast and new players are entering the market all the time. As new entrants arrive, we will strive to make sure that we support as many devices as possible and we fully expect that WankzVR videos will perform well on all headsets.

    Options for any smartphone:

    Google Cardboard – Cardboard is exactly as described, a VR headset made of corrugated cardboard. Generally is comes to you flat with pre perforated template lines and you simply fold it as the instructions describe. These headsets come with lenses pre-installed and generally offer some adjustability when it comes to focussing but not a lot of other functionality. Cardboard is definitely the entry level headset when it comes to VR, but because of its incredible affordability, it is a great way to test out VR before you really dive in.

    Samsung Gear VR – Gear VR is an excellent VR headset designed specifically for use with the 2015 lineup of Samsung GALAXY flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy S6 edge+. Designed in conjunction with Oculus, (the leading VR technology company), the Gear VR brings with it the benefits of a dedicated VR headset while maintaining the affordability provided by powering the system using a smartphone. Unlike Cardboard, Gear VR has a touchpad right on the headset so you can navigate through menus easily, as well as easily accessible volume and focus controls. The headset allows access to your phones regular ports so that you can use the device while your phone is plugged in.

    Dedicated VR options:

    Oculus Rift – although the consumer edition of the Oculus Rift headset is not yet available (due out in Q1 of 2016), there are earlier versions of the headset which can be acquired on sites such as Ebay and Amazon. Oculus has been at the forefront of developing VR technologies for a couple years now and promises to change the landscape when the consumer version of its headset is finally released. Unlike the other headsets, the Rift will not require the use of a smartphone and will have a high quality built in display as well as integrated VR audio headphones. If you can gets your hands on one, this is definitely the optimal choice for VR!

  • Where should I get a VR Headset?

    Google Cardboard – There are many options out there for google cardboard and with a simple online search you can find many of them for under $10. We recommend however, that you stick with the headsets that google endorses which start at around $15 and can be found here

    Samsung Gear VR – The latest version of Samsung Gear VR, which supports Samsung’s entire flagship line of 2015 Galaxy smartphones can be purchased online through Amazon Prime at Amazon.com or from BestBuy.com. Alternatively, Gear VR can be purchased in store at Best Buy and other popular electronics retailers. Learn more about Gear VR and its features on oculus.com and samsung.com

    Oculus Rift – Although the consumer version of Oculus is not yet available to the general public, you can stay up to date on its availability and be among the first to own the latest in VR technology by keeping informed on the Oculus website

  • Do I need a good computer for VR?

    If you are using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, you don’t need a computer at all. Your smartphone will be doing all the processing as well as displaying the video. We do recommend however that you, (when possible) first download WankzVR videos to your pc or laptop, then transfer the files to your smartphone using a USB connection. The files for VR video are very large and downloading them to your pc first will allow you to better manage your collection and to store a greater quantity of video for future use. You can however do everything you need with only your phone. In the event that you are downloading video content directly to your phone, please be sure that you are connected to the internet and not downloading through your phones data planned, as like we mentioned, the files are very large!

    If you are using an Oculus Rift, the HD screens are built right into the headset, but unlike the other headsets, the Oculus connects to a physical computer in order to provide the processing power necessary to create the optimal VR viewing experience. Oculus Recommends the following specs with respect to a pc, for achieving optimal VR playback:

    • Video Card NVidia GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
    • CPU Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
    • Memory 8GB+ RAM
    • Video Output Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
    • USB Ports 3x USB 3.0 ports plus 1x USB 2.0 port
    • OS Windows 7 SPI 64 bit or newer
  • Are there any potential problems with using VR?

    Like most things we enjoy in life, there are a few potential risks involved with using a VR headset and we at WankzVR would like to make sure that our users are aware of them:

    Addiction – the power of Virtual Reality is that you become immersed in the situation you are viewing on your headset and the goal of WankzVR is to create situations that meet and exceed your wildest fantasies. Subsequently there is an inherent risk that users will prefer the virtual world they have been introduced to as opposed to the real world. Considering that our content consists of short videos that have a beginning and an end, the risk of addiction is much less that with immersive VR games however we would like our users to be aware that the risk does exist.

    Temporary Nausea, Dizziness – two aspects of VR contribute to the possibility that a user may experience Nausea or Dizziness during and shortly after use. The first of these is a product of the lag time between a user’s naturel movements and the VR systems recognition of that movement and subsequent adaptation of the environment. These issues are all but gone when using the latest VR technologies as the sets themselves and the processors that power them have continually become faster and more powerful. The second contributor to Nausea and Dizziness is that fact that VR creates an illusion of 3 dimensions even though the screen remains at a fixed distance from the users eyes. To combat this, we recommend that you ease yourself into Virtual Reality by starting with shorter sessions, no more than 5 minutes long and slowly increasing the length of these sessions as you get used to the sensation created by VR. We also recommend enjoying WankzVR videos while seated comfortably. If you insist on standing while experiencing VR, we recommend that you keep on hand on a secure surface in order to stabilize yourself.

  • How do I download using RARs?

    Our RAR option provides a speedy alternative to download and view large (high resolution) VR videos in a multipart format. We strongly suggest you use a download manager in tandem with an archive tool such as WinRar (RarLab)

    1. Install jDownloader2 or your preferred download manager (links below). If not you can use your browser but will only be able to download a limited number at a time (6 for Chrome). With a download manager you can choose to do all at once.
    2. Login to WankzVR.com using your username and password.
    3. Select the VR video you wish to download and the appropriate file type for your VR headset / config.
    4. For applicable file sizes (file sizes above 4GB have rars available), click "RARs" to open your RAR multipart download window. Download each part using the links displayed in the RAR download window. Click plain text view and copy all options help you manage multiple downloads at once. Select the download location that works best for you, (Primary, Mirror #1, Mirror #2).
    5. Either start downloading directly from browser (slower process), or with your download manager, (jDownloader2). With the download manager your links may already be ready to click 'start download' or you’ll need to paste them into the manager. You'll want to use your standard user/pass that you would use to login to the site when asked in your download manager. (http://www.jdownloader.com/manuals/how-to-download-files-jdownloader-tutorial/)
    6. jDownloader should (if you have the option still enabled) attempt to unrar your files automatically after they’re finished downloading. If not then follow the traditional browser steps below(7).
    7. (skip this step if using jDownloader for unrar) Provided that WinRAR or comparable program is installed and configured for .rar files, double click the smallest of the rar files (example. Part7 of 7 files). Choose "Extract To" in WinRar. Once extracted you have the full file and are ready to treat it as you normally would.

    Related Links:

    Download Manager
    JDownloader2 - http://jdownloader.org/jdownloader2

    RAR Resources
    WinRAR (RarLAB) - https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm

    *For Android/Smartphone and Gear VR users we suggest downloading and extracting RAR downloads via your PC and transfer the VR video file to your desired device.

  • Why does the world look too small or too big?
  • Is my information safe and secure?

    We understand concerns about privacy and personal information. While we do store various pieces of information on our customers it is only for the purpose of record keeping and customer support.

    • We do not store full credit card information
    • We do not sell any of our customers' information
    • A link to our privacy policy is a the bottom of this page. Please scroll past the brief

    More detailed Privacy Policy Brief
    All personal information will be secure and treated as confidential. No personal information will be shared with third parties without the customer's permission.

    Use of Personal Information:
    ACCOUNT DATA -The information provided as account data is for the purpose of identifying the user and allow us access to a members account in order to test and confirm the functionality of various site features. You are responsible for the privacy and security of your password and account access information as this information should be kept secret from anyone besides it's intended user.

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    DEMOGRAPHIC DATA - We may use "cookies" and IP address information to better your experience on the site by allowing us to tailor your experience to the site according to your preferences, and what we think may appeal to you based on such demographic information. The "cookies" are set to track voting, session usage, and various other features that exist within the site. The IP address information is used to analyze traffic trends, perform regional customization and in some cases allow us to alter the presentation of the site to better match your demographics.

    Information Collected:
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  • Can I change my account information?

    Yes, we can change your account information. Please contact us.

  • Are payments to WankzVR secure?

    Yes, all of our billing processors use SSL encrypted payment pages so that your information is kept safe and secure.

  • I can’t log in, help!

    If you forgot or didn't receive your login information use our login reminder tool here.

    Login is CaSe SenSiTivE; this means if your username and password have CAPITAL letters you must log in using capital letters. Enter your username and password exactly as shown on your membership form.

    If you still have problems please contact us.

    Additionally, the following programs are incompatible with our sites and should be set to low before accessing our sites. These include but are not limited to: Norton Website Security, WatchDog, Adguard and any firewall programs.

  • I’m having problems downloading.

    To help you resume downloads, we recommend the following download managers:

    There are many reasons you might receive an error message while downloading a video scene. Depending on the error message you see, it may be a problem with your computer or the file.

    Errors Caused by the Website:
    We are very sorry for any frustration caused by these errors. Please click the "Report a Problem" link on the page you got the video from to report the problem to us or contact us. Please be sure to include the name of the scene. As with any ticket, the more information provided the better as it will assist us towards a resolution.

    Examples of a downloading error that would be the result of our system:

    • The video file has the wrong movie
    • The file is not the correct length
    • Download Type is missing
    • The video is corrupt

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel your subscription, you’re first going to need your subscription ID.

    Your subscription ID can be found using either of these two methods:

    1. Login and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website. There you will find your subscription ID in bold.
    2. Subscription ID and important info is also available in the email receipt you received after signing up.

    Once you’ve obtained your subscription ID, click here and carefully follow the instructions provided.

    For Epoch and PayPal billing support and cancelations, please visit epoch.com/billing_support

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