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Experience the ultimate in cutting-edge technology packed into your VR headset! Your full field of view is filled with responsive content using sophisticated head tracking, audio and more. Browse our collection of 60 FPS virtual reality videos and become part of the action! FPS (frames per second) is a standard way to measure video quality and just how much VR fun can be loaded into every moment. With WankzVR's 60 FPS structure, you'll enjoy richer colors, more depth and surprisingly realistic 3D. The end result is a virtual sex scenario that is close-to-life and nearly impossible to recreate. Each feature-length production at WankzVR uses our uniquely designed and totally exclusive VR camera rigs. A precision, stationary rig and a steady moving camera system work in tandem to bring you the most immersive VR sex available. Each camera rig has been engineered to produce the highest video quality possible in 180-degrees. Sensual one-on-one sex , VR threesomes and jaw-dropping group sex sessions are all recorded in outstanding detail so you can feel like part of the fun. Take a moment to browse the titles available in our 60 FPS category and discover your perfect VR scenario and playmate! WankzVR 60 FPS content is optimized for Oculus, Vive, PSVR, Daydream, Valve, Windows Mixed Reality and Cardboard headsets. Don't just watch porn, live it.