April 9th, 2020

Help Us Fight COVID-19 | Folding@Home

WankzVR Folding@Home Campaign

Help us find vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 from home by using your PC! Join the WankzVR Folding@Home team and do your part to help researchers find real solutions to today’s greatest global health crisis. Each and every one of us has the power to help and where’s stuck at home, we can focus the combined computing power of our own home PC computers to help turn the tide.


Folding@Home is a distributed computing project that’s actually been around nearly two decades. By harnessing a small fraction of a PC’s computing power, developers behind the project have been able to marshall thousands of computers worldwide to help drive research to tackle serious issues. Today, active participants have jumped into the millions as all attention from Folding@Home is focused squarely on finding a cure for COVID-19 and ending the current coronavirus pandemic.

As our first responders and medical professionals battle this virus on the front lines, researchers around the globe are busy at work on treatments and ultimately, a deployable vaccine to combat the spread of COVID-19. These same researchers need your help and a little boost to get the job done at a record pace. Aside from responsible social distancing, those of us with computers at home can contribute by lending a fraction of our processing power to the cause.

Originally created out of Standford University, the Folding@Home project has already helped us understand more about cancer, Alzheimer’s, and even Ebola through powerful simulations. As the project team sets their sights on coronavirus, WankzVR has entered the fray!

WankzVR Team Number: 260561

As many of us work from home and other remote locations to maintain service, we invite YOU, our loyal fans to become part of our Offical Folding@Home team!

Be Part of Our Team!

Please visit the Folding@Home Official website and continue to the Start Folding area. To get started download fah-installer_7.5.1_x86.exe.

Once your download is complete, install the Folding@Home client.

Once installed, open the Web Control dashboard. On your first visit, you’ll be prompted to fold anonymously or create a client. Start with the anonymous setting but once inside, select “change identity and enter the official WankzVR team by entering our team number, 260561.

Folding@Home WankzVR Team
Folding@Home with WankzVR

Also, be sure to enter a name or username in the space provided so that you can appear on our team leaderboard for recognition and to keep up-to-date with team folding stats. Intuitive slide bars help you control how much processing power you’ll allocate to the cause and you can choose to contribute during idle or active times on your PC.

Folding@Home Web Control
Folding@Home Web Control

Progress is measured in work units so you can see our collective contribution and how you yourself are making a difference. There are also a host of advanced options to optimize your work unit production. Share and enlist more friends and family to be part of our team!

WankzVR and Folding@Home

Many of us use PC computers each and every day for work and play. Now is the time to combine our efforts for the greater good and without disrupting our own virtual reality fueled isolations. You can login and visit our forum for further discussion as we work together to help find vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Stay tuned for news and announcements.

Thank you and stay safe.